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About us

As early as 2009, CS-studio was created. Initially, the goal was to create templates for websites. Gradually, people came asking for all kind of designs. That is how CS-studio started to create posters, flyers, bussinesscards, logo's, badges, flags, installations and whole Drupal-based websites.

However, the question is not so much who we are, but rather what we can do for you.

  • Creation of websites and site-templates
    • 33eFOS (Dutch site for a local scouting movement in Koekelare)
    • (Site for youth-center in Koekelare - offline since 2014)
  • Online applications (sites with other purposes than just providing information)
    • Totem (usefull for nicknames in the scouting movement and provides an overview of given nicknames in your group)
    • Badge (Provides an overview for different badges an allows users to keep track of accomplishments)
    • Interactive websites, basted on HTML templates
    • Registrationsites for private parties (not open to public)
  • Design of flyers, posters, bussinesscards, badges, logo's
    • Countless flyers for starting seasons of the 33e FOS scouts, parties, events etc
    • Scout badges for certain accomplishments, as well as memory badges for summer camps since 2010
    • Logo's for companies, websites, products, etc
  • Recently, also some tatoos were designed. (The client explains what he or she wants, CS-studio designs, and the tatoo-artist remakes the design into the final tatoo)